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Today seems like a weekend, not for any special reason… just for the fact that I have called it an off to witness MSD from close quarters (to the utmost delight of my better half). So (as ole habits die hard), I was up at 6.30 am and spent lionshare of the morning going through some celebrity Blogs (read Blahs). Obviously, after the usual delightful stuff at Passionfor Cinema things turned to the most talked about (and most visited) ones …that of Shree Aamir Khan and Shree Amitabh Bachchan. That these forums have been dishing out some juicy and mediocre interludes off late has been written about (or spoken about) ad nauseum, in various media vehicles. What caught my interest (and it did well in doing so as I was hooked for close to 3 hours), was Aamir’s simple (at times grammatically tacky language laced with bouts of Spelling incorrectness) and Mr. Bachchan’s grip over the more flamboyant territory of the language called English.

More I see the so called Colossusses of the filmdom talk I feel how poor actors they are who cannot even hide their lack of intelligence and intellect. Yet, Mr. Bachchan has impressed me his command over the language and at times made it a delightful experience to read his work. Aamir on the other hand has been the same unassuming kind that we have all come to terms with over the years.

But, none of these forums gave me much to read and cherish in terms of experiences from their otherwise illustrous life. Big B at times has penned some moments of sheer beauty (especially the one where he describes the making of the climax scene in Black) excerpts below….

“how the climax of the film was shot. The old man and prosthetics used. The number of hours it took to put it on and then take it off. That poignant moment when the ‘teacher’ comes over to the ’student’ to acknowledge her accomplishment, her graduation.

And how they all sat a little distant from me during the shoot, for I had, according to them built an imaginary wall around me for that moment.

He was right. The idea of breaking into that customary dance by the teacher during moments of excitement, was mine. But how it would be executed I hadn’t the foggiest…” (more)

But such moments were a scarcity as after remaining silent and tolerant for 39 years he has finally decided to refute every single allegations against him and his clan. And that maks the entire experience not only bitter but also maks him appear to be a very intolerant, super sensitive and shallow soul.

But then thats all about celebrity blogs I guess !!! While PassionforCinema was first of its kind to get some of the most talented and less talked about Film personalities together under one roof and gave us the readers some of the most delightful Cinema talk …. it also has the other extreme which showcases the strong defensive innercore of a certain Star …. precariously bordering on being a tinge megalomaniacal.

Was going through some of the worldwide Celebrity blogs, and what caught my eye is that its no different than here. While some of them are eloquent to voice their opinion on the world around (probably they chose not to be so ignorant afterall), many others tend to walk the same path … the one many feel is safe and more saleable…. viz. is about “I-Me-Myself”.

And emanating out of these rut when you come across something that enlightens you to the deepest core of your being thats when you feel …. what is the power of this medium and what an utter waste it has been in the hands of these megs (my term for Megalo…..cs).

One such sheer brilliance is a post by Sudhir Mishra about the influences in his life…. this is experience at its delightful peak…. enjoy.

So long………………… Sheel


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